No previous experience or knowledge is required to enroll for the vocal classes. Classes are held individually and personal attention is given to every student. We teach both English and Contemporary Hindi numbers.

and Awareness of different registers.

if required.

This area is very important because it allows you to communicate with other musicians and enhance you creativity.

Helps you develop a good musical ear, which is an essential skill for all singers.

Makes you able to learn songs, allowing you to respond quickly in a number of professional situations including studio session work and live performances.

You'll learn what's required to perform with authenticity and confidence in different styles.

You will be encouraged and assisted by the instructors to develop your own individual style and to create songs of your own.

we will teach you physical performance techniques like body movements, eye contact, communicating with the audience.

At Sound of Music School we provide you a platform to put all the above mentioned points into practice- onstage with a full band line up.

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