Music is a magical gift we must nourish and cultivate ourselves and in our children; a gift which keeps on giving throughout our lifetime. Hindustani Music is one of the oldest musical traditions of the world and is interwoven into the rich fabric of our society.
Hindustani vocal music Shastriya sangit or the north Indian style of Indian classical music is practiced throughout the northern Indian subcontinent. It is a tradition that originated in Vedic ritual chants and has been evolving since the 12th century, primarily in what is now North India, Earlier, Hindustani vocal music was not available to everyone and was confined to high society people like the ruling, administrative and business class only but because of two musicians & scholars: V. N. Bhartkhande & V.D. Paluskar, today it easily available to the common man.
Our Hindustani Vocal certificate program provides a unique opportunity for students anywhere in the world to learn from the convenience of their home.
Whatever be your age or level of expertise, we have a course that will help you take huge steps forward in developing your Hindustani Music vocal skills.

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