Courses at Sound of Music School are designed with a musician in mind and not just a music student. You get to learn the tricks-of-the-trade along with the basic foundation of playing a particular instrument. We take extra effort to test the aptitude of the student and guide him accordingly.

Guitar-We train students on various styles of music including rock, blues, jazz. All the courses are certified courses, each level taking a year.

Drums-Complete beginners can start playing straight away . No previous knowledge or experience necessary. Classes are held individually and the duration is one hour. If you have some experience then we can start from where you left off your studies and fill any gaps in your knowledge.

Keyboard-The course focuses on the development of keyboard musicianship, ease at the keyboard, sight reading and harmonization in the Treble and Bass clefs and Basic Music Theory.

Violin- The course is designed in a manner that it will be easy for you to master the fretless instrument with ease.

Vocal- No previous experience or knowledge is required to enroll for the vocal classes. Classes are held individually and personal attention is given to every student. We teach both English and Contemporary Hindi numbers.

Musical Theory- Every musician needs to know the basics of music theory. We train students on the fundamental elements of music—rhythm, harmony, melody, structure, form, colour and texture.

Indian Classical- For those who want to pursue a career in Classical Music is essential. We teach fundamental elements of Classical Music to our students and prepare them for the future.

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